The Hands of Terra Nostra

Borne of a childhood friendship and a shared passion, Terra Nostra is the culmination of years spent honing a genuinely unique message of two jewelers: Alexandra and Letizia. Drawing upon their Argentinian influence and inspired by the beauty of natural surroundings, they seek to create pieces that are organic and reflective of their artistic essence. Alex's studio is in Charlotte, NC and her creations can be seen on this website. Leti's studio is in Salta, Argentina and her creations can be seen on Facebook under: Terra Nostra Argentina. 

The Artists


Alex (Charlotte, NC)


Alex’s passion for organic colors, textures and shapes is clearly reflected in her jewelry line. She was born in the US and grew up in Cordoba, Argentina, where she got a Master’s Degree in Education. The exposure to different cultures (her mother and father are from Croatia and Poland, respectively) have not only influenced her artistic aesthetic but also her zest for life.

“I love color, pattern, and texture. Gemstones give me all that! I enjoy cooking, meeting people from other cultures, decorating my home, learning new things...  I never get bored! And whether cooking, decorating or making jewelry, I care about presentation and the pleasure I get in the process.”

Alex learned the art of jewelry making on her own and is always adding to her repertoire of design techniques. Her style is described as “classy with a bohemian aesthetic.” She is intensely drawn to the irregular shapes that nature so readily provides and believes they collectively harmonize her pieces.

 "Many of my pieces are asymmetrical because that’s the way I find elements in Nature. Nature is asymmetrical but at the same time aesthetically balanced."

This passion and unconventional design approach are what inspire Alex each and every new day.

"I feel every item is a little piece of me, and it is my hope to pass on that love and energy to the person wearing my jewelry."




Leti (Salta, Argentina)


Born to a home filled with music and humor, Leti was drawn to aesthetics and the combination of shapes and colors since she was a young girl. She used to see both the small imperfections and the beautiful design details in places where no one could. Her personality led her to choose a career where she could enhance the details and create stunning presentations, from a breakfast tray to a specific work of art. She graduated as an Interior Designer, career that gave her free rain to manifest all her love in Art, Architecture and creativity. She majored in Window Display Designing and Landscaping.  With a keen eye for beauty and aesthetics, she began to design jewelry, transforming her studio into a magnificent array of color, light, and texture.

Leti grew up in the Mediterranean area of Argentina with landscapes of mountains and rivers. She is now living in the northern part of the country, surrounded by hills and open skies.

Every one of her pieces is wrapped in a sea of vibrant colors that she combines skillfully.

Leti’s creations are an important part of her life. In every trip she takes, Leti looks for new materials, ideas, and inspiration that is fused into each one of her pieces.

"It is really a magical ritual when I go into my studio, play some background music, take my ‘mate tea’…  and the stones start filling my eyes and my heart ... It is my time of the day."

Together with her beloved husband, and her dearest friend Alex, they have established TERRA NOSTRA, a place where they have materialized their passion for beautiful and high quality jewelry.


Charlotte, NC 28269 

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